The Vascular Age Calculator™️ provides you an easy way to estimate your risk of vascular health complications. Because the risk for vascular health complications increases with age, your Vascular Age is calculated by considering your Chronological Age plus additional risk factors that may be reversible, and determining the equivalent age of someone of your gender having no additional risk factors. For example, if your Chronological Age is 45 and your Vascular Age is 64, your Vascular Age is more like that of a 64 year old of average good health without any risk factors, i.e. you are at a higher risk for developing complications like the need for hospitalization, admission to ICU and Death, than that based solely on your Chronological Age.


We will keep a de-identified record of your Vascular Age calculation for research purposes and as a means to contact you by email if your Vascular Age changes based on new studies or to pass information to you from local health officials. We may also share your email address and de-identified information to third parties to help lower your Vascular Age. This de-identified record will only be created if you Save Your Results. You will then have a copy of each of your Vascular Age Calculations in your inbox for your reference. If you want us to delete the de-identified record of your session please send an email to from the email account you sent your results to and all entries associated with that email address will be deleted within 45 days.

The Vascular Age Calculator is not intended to provide an exact determination or assessment of your state of health or exact risk of vascular health complications, and similar results may have different meanings for different individuals. Always consult a licensed healthcare professional such as your family physician or your specialist to make healthcare decisions or before starting any diet or exercise program to improve your Vascular Age.

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